why would you make an constructive dismissal claim

To understand why there is a need of making a constructive dismissal claim we need to first what is constructive dismissal and how can a employment law solicitor london help you with this.

Definition of constructive dismissal:

It is the situation in which the employee is forced to resign from the job or leave his post because of his employer’s behavior, such as whistle blowing cases. Thus, in other words it’s a dismissal from the job owing to the pressure of breach in the employment contract.

Why would you file a claim?

Thus, it is important to take an action against the employer so that he refrains from behaving in the same way with other employees and also so that the employee gets the chance to recover from the loss he had so far suffered.

The reasons of filing the claim can be summed up as follows:

· You aren’t paid according to the term mentioned in the contract. Deduction is done or your monthly payments are skipped.

· There is an uninformed change made in your job post and extra work I demanded from you.

· You are being bullied and harassed by the other workers and protection is not given to you.

· If you have received threats that you will be dismissed if you didn’t follow the orders and so on.

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